Do you want better for yourself?

By XXXchurch Visitor

Letter to myself:

Letter to myself:

You have clung to this shame and hurt since you were 12 years old. It hurts me to see you continue to turn to it for comfort when as soon as the video is over you feel more hurt and shame. It is not comfort. It is hurt and pain. You have true comfort in your identity in Christ. You are loved by him. You are cherished by him. He has given you a wife who cherishes you, friends to challenge you, and a weekly support group to encourage you. You have the tools, you have the ability. You are worth the fight. So fight it. BUILD walls, safeguard yourself. The truth of being an addict is that you will fight this your whole life, so be vigilant, and fight the fight for each day, one day at time. When you fail, confess, be honest with those close to you. Treat this addiction for what it is, pain and hurt. It is NOT comfort. It is lies. I believe in you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Letter from my Porn addict.

I believe that watching porn will make you feel better, That it will give you control over something in your at times chaotic life. I’m sorry that I actually cause you and your family pain, I thought that you deserved to feel better. I thought that this would numb some of the pain you might have been feeling. Im sorry

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