How Do I Get Over the Pain & Resentment Caused by Divorce?

By Craig Gross Hey, it’s Craig (obviously). This week, we’re talking about divorce. A glaring, recurring question often asked of us is, “Just how do I get through the pain and the trauma of my divorce or the resentment caused from the divorce?” How do I move on from that? Personally, I can’t put myself […]

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Why Do I Look At Porn When Times Get Tough?

By Craig Gross This month we’re talking about resentment and here’s another question that comes up: “Why do I look at porn when times get tough?” Let’s say something bad happens to you: you get fired, you have a fight with your wife, the list goes on and on. For lots of people, emotional or […]

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My Wife Is So Angry About My Porn Use, What Can I Do?

By Craig Gross Hey guys, Craig again. This month we’re talking about resentment, so – speaking of – here’s a question I often receive: “My wife is so angry about my porn use, what can I do?” If you’re reading that question and coming to the realization that, “Oh no! That’s me…!” – you’re in […]

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How to Identify and Move Past Resentment

By Craig Gross Hey guys, Craig here. Happy New Year! This January, we’re going to be talking about a project that we’ve been working on called: Resentment. One night, a few months back, it hit me that so many people are afraid to get help and pursue healing because they can’t stop looking back at […]

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