3 Ways to Move Past Sexual Regret

By J.S. Park Before we get to the 3 Ways….we want you to learn from this story. Monica Lewinksy, the notorious center of the scandal that will forever plague former President Bill Clinton, made a remarkable statement in her recent TED Talk: “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale […]

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4 Deceptively Simple Ways To Rebuild Broken Trust

By Seth Taylor We can’t change each other; we can only change ourselves. That’s just one of the hard and fast truths about relationships, and yet we tend to spend tremendous amounts of time and energy ignoring it. Hey, I get it: sometimes that person really needs to change. But guess what: we all need […]

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3 Ways to Look and Not Lust

By Carl Thomas If you are a guy and have been involved in some sort of accountability group (like an X3group), no doubt the subject of “lust” has come up. In my group on Wednesday mornings we talk about this often. Usually the conversation focuses on 3 things: 1. What is lust? 2. How do […]

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How Long…

By XXXchurch Visitor Letter to myself: I have both loved you and hated you for so long. The freedom I know in my heart that Jesus promises me has alluded me most of my life because of you. You have been so overwhelmingly exciting to me at times and yet so very controlling. You have […]

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