VIDEO: Why BDSM is like George Orwell’s 1984. How Slavery, Torture, Abuse & Sadomasochism Became Pleasure

Here is a powerful VIDEO from our SayNOtoSadomasochism YouTube channel! It addresses the parallels between BDSM and George Orwell’s 1984.

It’s by our new anti-BDSM ally and collaboration partner RepublicofSandals, who does a great job explaining how sadomasochism exemplifies the contradictions, double-think and insanity found in “1984.”

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“Porn Is Not Empowering” — by Kelsey Ruane, Anti-Porn Feminist — (via XOJane – “Unpopular Opinion”)

Here’s a powerful new article that explains how there’s nothing “sex positive” or “empowering” about pornography! ~~

    I believe in a sexual liberation that goes beyond simply mimicking what we see in the media and pornography. Instead of actually breaking the mold, the current so-called “revolution” has just repackaged male pleasure …read more

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